Mantra Yoga.


In the very beginning of his Yoga Sutra, Patanjali states: “ To control these mental fluctuation is Yoga”. Control of these mental modifications is only possible by controlling ‘Prana’. Therefore, the control of prana, called ‘Pranayama’, is the primary step in the spiritual path of Yoga. Yoga offers instruction in spiritual practices (Sadhana) which make an aspirant the best friend of his or her own body.

The term Prana comes from the ancient Indian scriptures. Prana is the first energy- ‘Pra’ means first, and ‘na’ is the smallest unit of energy. All aspects and levels of creation manifest out of this first unit of energy. Prana is the primal or atomic beginning of the flow of energy from which emerge all other forms of energy.

The working of prana is seen in the systolic and diastolic actions of the pumping heart; in the inhalations and exhalations of respiration; in the digestion and absorption of food ; is the excretion of urine and faces; in the manufacturing of gastric juices, bile, saliva, chyle, and semen ; in the closing and opening of the eyelids; and in walking, talking, thinking, reasoning and feeling. When the Prana withdraws from the body, it dies. No oxygen, saline or glucose drip, or technology can revive it.

Our body and mind are very closely interconnected. Physical phenomena reflect our state of mind, and the state of mind is expressed in physical phenomena. Breath is the bridge between the body and the mind, and it gets instantaneously affected by the two. It is a two-way street. The way we breathe is an indicator of the level of emotional and physical well-being that we are experiencing at that moment. Breath is the physical counterpart of the mind, hence breathing is also known as ‘mind in action’.

Yoga stands apart as a unique system of health because it aims to correct the energy dynamics of the body and the mind through the lore of techniques that it has, particularly pranayama.

Yoga techniques of Pranayama, that is, the control and expansion of cosmic energy using the breath, help the individual to get more cosmic energy to heal the physical body and to attain awareness and harmony. The basic approach of the ancient Science of Pranayama is holistic, as are the results.

Pranayama (Breath control) is the complete breathing exercise which is the part of yoga. Our breath plays an important role in Pranayama. Pranayama cures our body internally if you practice regularly. These seven Pranayama are excellent breathing exercises for our healthy life and realizing stress and depression. 

  Anuloma viloma pranayama

 Kapalabhati pranayama

 Bhramari pranayama

 Udgeeth pranayama

 Pranav pranayama

 Bahya pranayama

 Bhastrika pranayama