Mantra Yoga.

Kundalini Awakening

The Kundalini chakras, act as receivers, transformers and distributors of the various forms of ‘Prana’. Through the ‘nadis’ the chakras  take up vital energy from man’s subtle energy bodies, his surroundings, the cosmos and the basis of all manifestation, and transform them into the frequencies needed by the various areas of the physical or subtle bodies for their sustenance and development. Beyond this they give off energy into their surroundings. By means of this energy system the human being is therefore in a state of continual exchange with the powers at work at diverse levels of the environment, the universe, and Creation.

As the chakras operate in close interaction with the energy bodies, the characteristics and function of these bodies. As rule, there are said to be four energy bodies:

 The ethereal body.

 The emotional or astral body. 

 The mental body.

 The spiritual or causative body.

Each of these bodies possesses its own fundamental vibrational frequency. The ethereal body, which is closest to the physical body, vibrates with the lowest frequency. The astral and mental bodies have higher frequencies and the spiritual body has the highest frequency of all.

Each of these bodies resembles a dance of energies within its individual frequency range, and as the human being advances in development, the respective frequencies rise accordingly. These bodies are the bearers of consciousness at their levels of vibration. When their vibrational frequency rises, they provide the human being with higher forms of vital energy, sensations and awareness.

The various energy bodies are not separate from one another. The pervade each other while continuing to vibrate in their individual frequency range and someone possessing the capability of seeing them can differentiate between them if his vision is attuned to the specific sphere. If he wants to see the astral body, he will have to tune his vision to the astral sphere; if he wants to see the mental body, he will have to tune his vision to the mental sphere; and so on. 

The chakras rotate either to the right (clock wise) or to the left, depending on sex, thus enabling the energies of man and woman to complement each other. This is because the Chakras that turn to the right in a man rotate in the opposite direction in a woman, and vice versa. The size and vibration rate of the chakras determine the amount and quality of the energies they are able to absorb from various sources. These are energies that come to us from the cosmos, the stars and nature, from all things and people in our environment, our different subtle bodies and the non-manifest basis of all being. These energies partially reach the chakras via the ‘nadis’, but they also flow into them directly.

As ‘Kundalini’ rises, its energy is transformed into a different vibration in each of the chakras, in each case corresponding to the purpose of the chakra in question. The vibration is lowest in the root center and has its highest form of expression in the crown center. The transformed vibrations are passed on to the different subtle bodies and the physical body, and are perceived as feelings, thoughts and physical sensations.

Besides Kundalini energy there is also another power which flows  through the spine to each individual chakra. It is the energy of pure divine. Being, the unmanifested aspect of God, the energy which enables the human being to recognize the unformed aspect of Diving Being as the unchangable and omni present basis of all levels of manifestation. This energy, which enters the body through the crown chakra, is especially suited for dissolving blockages within the chakras. In the archaic teaching of India it is known as the god Shiva, the great destroyers of ignorance who mere presence initiates a transformation towards the Divine. Thus Shiva and Shakti work hand in hand in the holistic development of the human being, in a development in which the Divine is integrated into our lives in the same way as all levels of relative being. 

The chakras also take up direct vibrations from the environment when these correspond to their individual frequencies. By acting as a antennas for the entire range of energy vibrations, they connect us with what is going on in our environment, in nature and in the universe. Thus the chakras can be seen as subtle sensory organs. Our physical body, equipped as it is with senses, is a vehicle adjusted to the laws of life own our planet. It enable us to find our way in the outer aspects of life, while helping as to realize and put to use our inner values as well as the knowledge gained on this earth. In this respect, the chakras act as receivers of the energy vibrations and information transcending the physical realm. They are the openings that connect us with the unlimited world of subtle energies.

The functioning of the entire human body is controlled by the cerebrospinal system, and the chakras are activated through this system. For many centuries knowledge of these psychic centers has been handed down through the Indian tantric tradition. The yogic belief is that for balanced functioning, proper harmony should exist between the two brains: the upper brain (the organism of consciousness) and the lower brain (the seat of the sub consciousness mind). Modern studies of the upper and lower brains point towards inner conflict between the two and relate this conflict to behavioural patterns that are influenced and affected by it. These studies also point towards a basic dichotomy in human nature. This dichotomy is further substantiated by the presence of twin hemispheres in the upper brain (the cerebrum). Human beings dwell in this duality and become victims of endless problems and complexes. To resolve this dichotomy, the most practical and plausible solution seems to be to create a union between the upper and the lower brain, and between the brains right and left hemispheres. Balanced union is achieved through constant work on all four of these components. Thus a basic requirement for spiritual development is a systematic study of the activities and functions of the human organism at work.